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Raising Girls’ Self-Esteem with Real Women Models

Adolescent girls often suffer from low-self esteem because they are critical of themselves and their figures, especially when they compare themselves to the air brushed, perfectly edited, fashion models.

Even a plus size model is typically a size 8, which is not actually plus size; they are just healthier looking than waif models who are a size 0.  (Plus sizes don’t usually begin until size 14 or 16.)

While designers argue that they need rail thin models so the clothes hang right from the model’s frame, perhaps what we actually need are designers who make clothes that fit real women with real curves.  That hasn’t happened yet, but there are signs that the industry is changing.

1.  Dove campaigns.  Dove recently launched a campaign to show real women with real curves and a little extra on their frames.  This is  a good start to acceptance.  Kudos for Dove for being brave enough to run this campaign.

2.  YouTube’s Real Women Have Curves campaign.  Look up “real women have curves” on YouTube and you will find several different clips showing curvy women such as America Ferrara of Ugly Betty fame and a model who appeared on Marie Claire’s magazine cover.  While these women would not be classified as overweight, they do represent a definite change from waif models.

3.  Gabourey Sidibe’s success.  Gabourey Sidibe is the main actress in the movie, Precious, and if you haven’t seen it, she is morbidly obese.  The fact that she could have a career as a leading lady says that the industry standards are starting to change.

4.  Designers creating plus size clothing.  Some designers, such as those behind the Baby Phat line, are branching out and creating plus size clothing as well as their line of standard size clothing.

5. The Industry is focusing on other beauty trends. There’s been an uptrend in magazines and advertisers focusing on hair, makeup, and clothing that works for all women. For example, one of the huge trends is hair extensions from places like It’s something that can make women everywhere feel good about themselves, no matter their weight.

Healthy weight role models are few and far between, but we are starting to see improvements in recent years.  The best role model a young girl can see is a healthy, active woman, not a waif.


Getting Ready For Fall


Getting ready for fall can involve a lot of changes both inside and outside the house.  As the weather gets cooler and wetter, you need to make sure that you are prepared for the season ahead.  And if you live in a very cold climate, you need to really make sure that you are winterized already.

Outside The House

You should probably start outside the house when it comes to getting ready for fall.  It is nicer to fix things now when it is still warm, rather than when it really gets cold and wet.  You should look at things like your roof to make sure that all your tiles are in good condition, and check your gutters to make sure that fall leaves didn’t jam them up.  Also, check out around the windows and doors for cracks in the caulking that could keep your home weather proof.

Inside The House

On the inside of your home, you probably want to make sure that your heater is working now, rather than waiting for the first snowstorm only to find out it doesn’t work.  Many local utilities will check gas furnaces for free, and some furnace companies also offer free annual checkups.

Also inside, you want to make sure that you have a good stash of stuff for emergencies, including canned food and water.  If you live in an area that is prone to snow, you never know if you’ll be snowed in for a few days and not be able to get to the store.  Always make sure you have enough supplies on hand to make it through.

On The Go

Finally, if you’re on the go, you need to make sure that you are weather-right.  This probably means updating your menswear to include winter coats and sweaters to keep you warm.  You also will want to find your snowshoes and anything else you wear for the cold weather.

For your car, make sure that you tires are in good condition for the snow, and find your snow chains if needed.


The Top Autumn Trends…

Reflecting the variety in womens fashion wear this year, shoes have also gone for more adventurous designs and colours.  There’s a great opportunity to equip yourself for all the demands that a busy modern life might throw at you – from the ultra-casual trainer to formal evening sandals – without having to seek far and wide, and without having to break the bank!  The range of womens shoes at Next UK are an example of the exciting designs that are currently on the market.

The looks to go for –

Cool dude, teaming men’s tasseled loafers, two-toned brogues or pointy lace-up patent leather shoes with cut-off jeans, or narrow-cut rousers in one of this season’s fashionable pastel shades.  Choose laces to match the colour of your trousers for a neat matching style.  To create a more feminine look, choose to go glitzy in silver or gold, with detailed bows or side buttons.


Comfort and glamour, combining the comfort of a flat shoe with glamorous designs and materials.  Ballerinas are all the rage this season, some in demure greys and browns or plain black, some going Fifties glam, with sequined toes, and striped in pastel colours.  Detailing is all, with flat bows or side buttons, swirly tapestry patterns on simple shapes on display – all look great with simply tailored suits or skirts.  If you want your feet to look eye-catching, don’t distract from the overall effect by adding too much detail on your dress or skirt.

Boot up for the autumn, with Cossack boots and faux fur tops remaining popular, and contrasting coloured leather laces threading through the eyelets of front-laced knee boots. Davina McCall has some stylish leopard-skin pattern trouser boots in her range, and knee-length boots with black padded uppers; both offering a cushioned mid-sole that makes them a pleasure to wear all day, with no tired feet in the evening.  Ankle boot wedges look as though they will set a trend for the autumn and winter, with jungle prints much on show, and decorative studded high heels or multiple buckles decorating side openings almost reverting to that Punk look of the Seventies.   And if you want to really prepare for the weather ahead, why not go for one of the whacky welly styles on the market, patterned in stripes, floral swirls or even a cornucopia of fruit?



Change Your Hairstyle Day after Day

After having a haircut in deciding that you’ve taken it too short there really isn’t much you can do about it except wait for it to grow. Actually, that isn’t really the case because there are innovative new products on the market that can add length as well as volume and you can change your look as often as you like. Some of these trendy new products are clip in ponytail hair extensions that come in a wide variety of colors and even in an assortment of styles. Read the rest of this entry »


Socks Are in the News!

Oddly enough, socks have made it into the headlines in recent weeks, but not in quite the way you would imagine! Usually when the news does a write up about stockings or socks it is because an armed robber is hiding his or her face to avoid detection. This year, wild and wacky socks are all the rage and because of the full range of eccentric colour schemes being employed, there is no end to the potential for wearing some of the most outlandish socks imaginable. Read the rest of this entry »